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TCR Pre-waxed Wicks 27/16

TCR Pre-waxed Wicks 27/16

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This 27/16 wick is compatible for use with the 20cl Karen glass container. The TCR wick is suitable for soya, rapeseed, vegetable, and natural waxes. The wicks are 120mm long and fitted with neck sustains; this is to prevent the bottom of the container becoming too hot. These should be attached in the centre, at the bottom of the container using glue tabs to prevent movement when pouring the wax.

The TCR wick is made from cotton and twisted paper and covered with a pre-waxed exterior jacket to create stiffness, they have not been treated, nor have they been bleached or had chemicals added. The wicks are designed to prevent mushrooming, afterglow, sooting and reducing smoke. The consistent flame prevents glasses overheating, it also prevents pillar candles from leaking or tunnelling.


Wick Guide
TCR 18/10 for diameters 32-38mm.
TCR 21/12 for diameters 40-50mm.
TCR 24/12 for diameters 50-60mm.
TCR 24/14 for diameters 55-65mm.
TCR 27/16 for diameters 65-75mm.
TCR 30/18 for diameters 75-85mm.
TCR 33/18 for diameters 83-89mm.
TCR 33/20 for diameters 89-95mm.
TCR 36/22 for diameters 85-95mm.
  • It is the customers responsibility to test burn for quality. The diameters listed above are the diameter of the container that is used to make the candle.