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Golden Wax 494 Premium Soy Wax

Golden Wax 494 Premium Soy Wax

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Handling & use recommendations

100% soy – melt / tart wax

General use guidelines:

Melting temperature: 80°c (+/-5°c)

Pour temperature: 70°f (+/-5°c)

Fragrance load: 5-10%

Cooling: ambient temperature (20-25°c)

Wax melting point: 52-58°c

BENEFITS may be used alone—no need for paraffin or other non-plant-based waxes, creates a fragrance throw comparable to paraffin, reduces set-up time offers significant bloom/frost reduction, has great mould release allows for vibrant colours.

Conditions will vary based on mould/container type and size, fragrance and dye used.



Can be caused by cooling the wax too quickly. Containers should be at or above room temperature when the candles are poured. Altering the pour temperature may help you to eliminate this problem.

Bloom (frost)

• Can be caused by the type of fragrance used or the pouring/cooling temperatures.

• Typically pouring at a lower temperature results in less frost (try varying pour temperatures 5°C at a time).

Please note that each candle formulation (wax, dye, fragrance, other additives, container) is a potential unique system.

Functional issues in the final product can be caused by any of these components (or a combination of components).

To resolve problems, it can be helpful to adopt a systematic approach.

• Verify that the components used are of the correct type and in the correct concentrations.

• Verify that the method used is appropriate and was followed consistently from batch to batch.

• When making changes to the formulation change only one component at a time and measure the effect before making other changes.