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Bekro Liquid Dye Bundle  (3x10ml)

Bekro Liquid Dye Bundle (3x10ml)

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10ml Pink Liquid dye.

Bekro coloured dyes are sourced from the leading manufacturers of dye in Europe. Bekro is considered the best in the industry for producing high quality dyes. The vibrant colours produced when added to the wax requires only a couple of drops to produce vivid colour, dependent on required tone and the type of wax that is used. Liquid dyes dissolve in wax at low temperatures and the dye is designed to work for all different types of wax either natural or mineral. When added to wax creations, the dye does not impact on burn performance and will continue to produce a stable colour.

We suggest experimenting with dye quantities to achieve the ideal tone, and all liquid dye needs shaking in the bottle prior to use.

All dyes are oil-soluble.

Bekro dye SDS (Pink)