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Questions and Answers

 Wax Melts

Q1) What size snap bars do I need for the standard 5 cell and 10 cell snap bars?

A1) 65X125mm are a good fit for the snap bars.


Q2) How do you stop frosting?

A1) All wax varies on the recommended pouring temperatures, but we have found that pouring wax at a cooler temperature usually helps.


Q3) When will I receive my free digital CLPs?

A1) When an order is placed for our fragrance oils, you will receive the CLP direct to your inbox when your order is fulfilled.


Room Sprays

Q1) Where can I get CLPs from for your ready made room sprays?

A1) If you are able to navigate your way around word, you can use the template CLP, in the regulatory documentation and copy the CLP information and add your own contact details. If you find this difficult or too time consuming magic CLPs provide them. 



Reed Diffusers


General Questions

Q1) Where can I find information to help me understand the IFRA?

A1) The International Fragrance Oil promotes guidance, rules and standards to maintain the safe use of fragrances in products. Each one has its own IFRA, this is not transferable to other oils. The IFRA for each Individual fragrances are broken down into categories, each one lists the maximum dose allowed in individual products. However this is not the recommended dose, nor is it the dose that is required to achieve a good scent throw. Find more detailed information and further reading by following the links below.,non-skin%20contact%20consumer%20products%20%28i.e.%20Category%2012%29%2C%20phototoxicity]