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Learn about Crystals

People are usually drawn to the colour and shape of crystals. On our website, you will find a brief description as to what each crystal truly represents. Living in this busy society can cause stress not only on the body, but on the mind and spirit too - finding time to be calm and have inner peace is difficult to achieve. This blog will give an overview of why we have chosen to add crystals to our website and how crystal energy is used in life today.

The reason we have decided to add crystals to our site, is not only because they look stunning as a creative piece on candles, reed diffusers, resin, and wax melts. It is because they add that extra special touch with an extra special meaning and the beauty of them is that they are all so different. We feel that using crystals with fragrances can enhance a unique energy, at the same time as creating a pleasant aroma within the home.

Crystals are made up of a variety of minerals, dependent on the type. It is difficult to understand how a stone can create a positive energy (as described on our website). The belief is surrounding the crystal being a natural element of the earth and containing inner energy vibrations, these then impact on the energy fields around us. People remain skeptical about crystals and ask if these stones really work, this is a question that is debatable. This blog is not to convince anyone to believe in crystals and their energies, it is purely just to share information from our research.

Scientists say that there are no proven facts on the tangible effects of crystals. However, what is evident is that crystals are used in the daily lives of people who believe in them and are used in everyday technology. When considering if crystals work it is important to highlight the fact as mentioned above that they are used in technology today. Focusing on Quartz crystals specifically, these are used in storage information, laser devices and timekeeping. The reason why Quartz can be used in technology is because it creates an electrical charge when mechanically stressed - this is known as the piezoelectric effect. More specifically, the piezoelectric energy of Quartz can regulate time with such precision due to the way their atoms move repetitively in an even pattern. This force is what allows Quartz to be an element that is used in many applications.

An example of this is when the first Quartz clock was invented; Quartz was used to regulate an electric oscillator which allowed a time signal to be created with precision and accuracy. The same technology was used to create the first Quartz wristwatch. Whilst Quartz crystals have distinctive qualities compared to other gemstones, their ability supports the theory that crystals radiate the energy of the Earth. 

Quartz continues to transform knowledge and information in computer chips using crystal technology, it does this through the transformation of energy, this makes it hard to question the ability that crystals are able to change energy in other ways. Crystals are also believed to be able to block and absorb the harmful effects of electric magnetic fields such as TVs, laptops, and smartphones.

The human body contains silicon dioxide and water. Interestingly, Quartz is also made up of pure silicon dioxide, (silicon is composed of 46.6% oxygen and 27.7% silicon), giving this mineral a similar hexagonal geometry to us. A study found that constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between the molecules, caused vibrations within the crystals, resulting in activating the energy within it. Considering the scientific fact, it is hard to believe that a major mineral component of the Earth would not have any scientific value.

Einstein believed in the existence of vibrations in all life, including in sound and thoughts. He theorized that everything manifests in someone's life because it matches the vibrations of their thoughts. A raw crystal is the purest form of crystal energy you can find. These crystals are known to vibrate at the highest frequency and they offer the chance to connect with the earth’s energy in its most natural form - it allows you to work with crystal energy to make subsequent changes in our own energy.

Minerals on earth are vast and complex as life itself, which makes the use of crystals energy both straightforward and sophisticated. The healing power of crystals can be a useful tool in all aspects of life, but personal belief and mindset can play a part in if crystals work. If you truly feel that crystals will help you on an energetic and vibrational level, then yes, they certainly will work for you. If your mind is saying the opposite, they probably will not work. When choosing crystals, notice which one stands out to you the most, a specific shape or colour may capture your attention, this may change at different times.

We exist to understand, develop, and progress in life. Learning about crystal energy is just another part of expanding our knowledge and experiencing something new. Every crystal has its own unique healing properties and meaning to learn about. It takes time for crystals to work and everyone will be different, but trying different types makes it more interesting.

After reading this blog, you may question: Are crystals just something that make your product appear pretty or is it a beautiful product with a beautiful meaning and do crystals work? I would say keep an open mind, as it is now evolving into more complex questions on how they affect our thoughts and transform our lives on a subtle vibrational level. The natural beauty and sparkle of crystals are a reminder that we are surrounded by elegance and beauty in our world. These have been created by the diverse effects of mother nature, (also known as nature's beautiful and stunning jewelry box.) How wonderful is it, that adding something that means so much to your hand made products, gives that extra special touch and adds that extra special message?